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Vickie Fu

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Vickie Fu

Certified Bowenworks Practitioner

I’m Vickie Fu, and I think you need to know about Bowenwork.  Bowenwork is hands-on healthcare. It consists of sequences of rolling movements of the practitioner’s thumbs or fingers over precisely located sites on the body. These movements serve to signal the body to remember how to heal a variety of health issues.

I stumbled across Bowenwork looking to help my husband Richard who had suffered for over 20 years from frequent & unpredictable flare ups of lower back pain & spasms. He had tried acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, new mattresses, pain meds… At times, Richard’s back pain would keep him home from work for days & off seeking quick medical attention. After 2 sessions of Bowenwork, Richard’s back pain & spasms had resolved!! Since then he has not had to stay home from work because of back pain! I was amazed to witness that such a gentle therapy could be so effective & long lasting!

I decided to look more into Bowenwork therapy & discovered that it has successfully addressed a wide variety of health & wellness issues. I made an appointment to experience a Bowenwork session for myself & to see if it could be something helpful for my son with autism.

The timing was perfect because my allergies seemed to be worsening every year & requiring more medications (one non-sedating antihistamine & a few other prescriptions) as well. I was prescribed an inhaler to be used as needed & possibly around the clock if my respiratory symptoms worsened. In fact, the night before my first Bowenwork appointment, I barely slept sitting in a chair in order to breathe better from my coughing & congestion. I was unsure how I would respond to a Bowenwork session since my symptoms were so severe & bothersome. Well, again I was AMAZED, my cough & congestion were relieved significantly during this first session and my body was so relaxed that I experienced my best night’s sleep in months!! I returned for another session, became symptom free & have since tapered off ALL my allergy medications, including my inhalers & nasal sprays!

As a pharmacist, I am very familiar with the drugs that are prescribed for a wide variety of symptoms and health conditions, along with the myriad of side effects as well.  So, I strive to keep things simple in terms of addressing the health & wellness concerns for my own family, a less is best approach when it comes to using over-the-counter & prescription drugs.  To witness my husband’s back pain resolving after 2 sessions of Bowenwork & my own allergy symptoms relieved so effectively to the point of being medication free has been simply astonishing!

Basically, Bowenwork helps the body to reset and rebalance towards repair and recovery.  I was fascinated that such a gentle therapy could have such profound effects.  So, Harry Wharff (my Bowenwork practitioner) & his wife Bev encouraged me to enroll in a Bowenwork class.  I did just that to satisfy my curiosity & to learn something that I could apply to help my own family & friends. I quickly found myself practicing not just on my family & friends, but neighbors & friends of friends… I was having a blast working on case studies & thinking about how different Bowenwork procedures could affect the body.  I was also encouraged & delighted to see many clients’ relying less on a drug regimen to manage their symptoms (e.g. muscle spasms, pain, headaches…) as they found more effective relief and resolution from their Bowenwork sessions!   My heart still does a happy dance for those one session wonders!   Realizing that I was able to actually help people live better, I proceeded through the courses and became a certified practitioner.

As a Bowenwork practitioner, I am enjoying the opportunities to serve others at various ages & stages of health/ illness, using my hands as a labor of love & care.  It is a privilege & a pleasure to help people live better & experience some amazing results with Bowenwork therapy.  I thank & praise God for such an opportunity to serve others as a Bowenwork practitioner!!

I am passionate about living life fully & in a God honoring way, balancing my life with my best friend and husband (Richard) & 3 kiddos (Joshua, Preston & Erica) and serving others in my community.  Thank you!

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
    They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
    They will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31(NLT)

Vickie Fu February 8, 2015

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